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If performance and scalability are your key requirements... E8 is hard to beat

E8 is the powerhouse of our productline, offering unparelleled performance of up to 1900 MB/s when fully loaded with SAS drives, or 2500 MB/s using SATA drives. No other RAID controller in the industry can offer this kind of performance - and if that's not enough, you can double the performance by adding a second RAID controller to the E8-system. The E8 offers phenomenal space with support for up to 448TB per RAID controller.


Products:  FIBRE to SAS/SATA RAID:  E8-1664-F281-A1 





The e8-series is truly the 'jewel in the crown' of the Fibrenetix product line and since its introduction in Spring 2011, has become the industry benchmark product.

When looking at the Performance, Scalability and Features, its easy to understand why the e8 has taken the market by surprise. Combined with Fibrenetix's proven reliability record and very competitive price point, the e8 has raised a few eyebrows in the industry.

Video Editing
e8 performance really comes into its own when used as a key-component in video editing - HD uncompressed, 2K or even 4K edit is no match for the e8. With a dual RAID controller set-up, e8 can support dual streams of 4096x3072 at 24fps in 16bit RGB (requires 15K RPM SAS drives or SDD's drives).

CCTV Surviellence
In a large CCTV installation with hundreds of cameras streaming images 24x7 - the e8-series Reliability and Scalability is unbeatable. Fibrenetix has a long standing record of reliability with key customers in the CCTV industry with some of our largest e-series installations in airport surviellence at Doha airport in Qatar. The e8 offers huge capacities of up to 336TB per controller or 632TB in a dual controller environment. This is achived by installing 3TB SATA-II or SAS drives in our 16-bay 3U enclosure - 7x enclosures including the RAID enclosure can be joined together and managed by the RAID controller.

Exchange Server Applications
e8-series performance is equally impressive in an I/O intensive environment, such as a backbone for Microssoft Exchange Server. Several Fibrenetix customers have already reported considerable gains in performance when using Microsoft 2010 Exchange Server and the E8-series. Supporting up to 128 LUNs (volumes) per controller, Exchange Server behaviour can be fine tuned and optimized to suit user requirements. For maximum reliability the e8-series can be used with OS embedded multi-path & load balancing drivers, such as Microsoft MPIO.

Enterprise Reliability, without the Enterprise Pricepoint
The e8 is based on the e-series storage enclosure. This enclosure has several years of proven track record as one of the most reliable in its class. The complete cableless design supports Fibrenetix Smart Cooling Technology and a caddy system which protects all Hard Drives and thereby user data, against vibration and electronic interference.

Our hard drive caddies also features a small "gearbox" located in the handle - ensuring that insertion and removable of drives is regulated with the same force every time, ensuring the connectors on the back plane cannot be damaged. The caddy is designed to support, SATA II, SAS or even SDD's (Solid State Disks) - EVEN 3.5" and 2.5" drives can be installed in this caddy - Protecting the users invcestment, even when the industry moves to new technologies.

Fibrenetix smart cooling technology ensures the operating temperature of every hard drive is monitored. Should any drives operational temperature increase duirng use, the smart cooling processor will immediately adjust the fan speed to ensure all drives are operating with optimum and stabile temperature. The smart cooling processor also monitors other critical components, including the RAID controller, power supplies and temperature of the backplane.
If the storage system is installed in an fully airconditioned room, the smart cooling processor will adjust down the FAN speed level.

The smart cooling technology is truly 'smart' and a key component in ensuring that our storage subsystems run for years without component failures or loss of data. On the rare occasion that a power supply, hard drive or fan does fail, the system has been designed to cope until the failed part has been replaced. As these components are hot-swappable, they can be replaced without powering down or interrupting the daily use of the system. Even the RAID controller can be hot-swapped, if a second controller has been installed and set up to auto-failover.

Power when you need it
The high performance RAID controller delivers outstanding power to your server or applications. Based around the latest INTEL processor technology, its more likely your server or application will 'run out of steam' before the e8 slows down. If users require more than 1500 Mb/s, adding the second RAID controller is easy - and performance will double, as long as enough hard drives are attached to feed the e8 of course. (Minimum 32, but +48 recommended, if transfer rates over 2500MB/s are required.)

The e8-series comes with 2Gb cache memory as standard and 4x high speed 8Gbit Fibre Channel host connections, offering a total bandwidth of over 3000Mb/s per RAID controller.
All e8-series comes with 2x Enterprise class SFP's and 2x 3m Fibre channel optical cables as standard, ensuring the user can start using the e-series knowing all components have been tested and certified by Fibrenetix.

What's New in e8-series

  • Latest Intel technology processor, taking transfer rates to a new industry level
  • 4x 8Gbit Fibre Channel host connections
  • 2GB Cache as standard, upgradeable to 4GB
  • New Fibrenetix Memory Tunnel Technology, offering better performance in video streaming
  • Dual independant RAID controller option, for maximum performance
  • Dual Active / Active RAID controller option (SAS drives only), for maximum fault tolerance
  • New Firmware and GUI interface, with optional LUN masking capabilities
  • Supports 3Gbit and 6Gbit Hard drives (up to 4TB capacity)
  • Dual 6Gbit SAS expander ports for scalability 
  • Volume and Hard drives test options for maximum media integrity
  • Seamless online capacity expansion

Rear view of E8 Raid controller PSU 518/560W incl. Dual Turbo Fans
e8 RAID controller, shows 4x FC 8Gbit and Dual SAS Expander
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